Huawei Starts the ICT Innovation Cup Football Competition

Huawei Technologies Uganda Co. Limited organized the Huawei ICT Innovation Cup Football Tournament.


In an effort to promote physical activity and counteract desk-bound lifestyles, Huawei Technologies Uganda Co. Limited organized the Huawei ICT Innovation Cup Football Tournament. This event brought together various public and private sector enterprises for a lively demonstration of teamwork and friendly competition on the football field.

At a happy ceremony held at the Kampala International School Uganda football grounds in Bukoto, Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, formally opened the competition. During his remarks, the Honorable Minister—a medical expert as well—emphasized the value of physical activity in preventing and treating non-communicable diseases and lifestyle disorders like heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. He made the point that regular exercise promotes health, prevents weight gain, and lengthens life.

In addition to expressing his sincere gratitude to Huawei Technologies Uganda Co. Limited for setting up the football competition, which is in line with the government of Uganda’s efforts to address the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases, he also pledged to actively participate in the competition. All of the teams, players, coaches, and supporters worked together to make this event possible.

During the tournament launch, Mr. Sunrise Xie, Managing Director of Huawei Uganda office, stated that this event goes beyond just a sports match; it is a dynamic platform for the ICT sector to create connections, share knowledge, and promote group growth. We see football as a potent tool for fostering communal cohesion and thought-provoking dialogue.

May this competition serve as a first step toward a more vibrant ICT sector, a healthier Uganda, and a vibrant community. You are here today as a sign of our shared dedication to this cause. stated Mr. Sunrise Xie. He praised each squad for being part of this incredible journey and encouraged them to display excellent performance and sportsmanship.

“We need to give the body what it needs,” said Mr. Lukwago Martin, a Ministry of Health spokesman who spoke briefly on behalf of the competing teams and represented the players. One of the most crucial things that people should do each and every day is exercise. “Such tournaments give us an opportunity again to enjoy sports, exercise, and stay fit,” he continued. Being fit is therefore crucial to ensure that we live healthy lives. Players were asked to embrace the spirit of fair play, uphold the ideals of integrity, and give their all on the field by Mr. Ssegane Tonny, the match official representing the referees.

Since obesity rates have significantly increased over the past 17 years—from 17 to 26 percent—HUAWEI Technologies Uganda Co., Ltd. has organized the Huawei ICT Innovation Cup Football Tournament in 2024 in response to the alarming findings of the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey. By placing the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Uganda Communications Commission, National Information Technology Authority-Uganda, MTN Uganda, and Huawei Technologies Uganda Co. Ltd in group A, the event also seeks to promote social networks and good sportsmanship. The Uganda Police Force, the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, the Ministry of Health, the Uganda Revenue Authority, and Airtel Uganda make up group B.

The competition spirit was sparked by a spectacular match between Huawei Technologies Uganda Co. Ltd. and the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance at the tournament’s inauguration. Both teams played with a great deal of strategy and action during the match, but Huawei ultimately prevailed six goals to one. Later, in a thrilling and action-packed match, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and Uganda Police Force (UPF) met, with UPF winning 6–URA 5. All in all, it was an intense contest that demonstrated the talent and will of both teams. The competition will continue over the ensuing few weekends until the final and award ceremony on July 20, 2024.