29th Uganda International Trade Fair To Focus On Technological Innovations

The theme emphasizes how important digital innovation and transformation are to improving the effectiveness of trade and industry.


The 29th Uganda International Trade Fair (UGITF), due to take place at the UMA showgrounds in Lugogo from Tuesday, October 3, to Tuesday, October 10, was announced by the Uganda Manufacturers Association on Wednesday.

This season, the eagerly anticipated trade show will focus on “Driving Manufacturing and Trade Efficiency through Digital Transformation and Innovation.”

Deo J.B. Kayemba, chairman of UMA, told reporters on Thursday at the UMA headquarters in Nakawa that the UMA trade show will highlight innovation and top-notch industrial expertise.

He claimed that the UMA 29th Uganda International Trade Fair stands out as a model of economic resilience in a world altered by the pandemic and the ensuing difficulties in international trade.

The theme emphasizes how important digital innovation and transformation are to improving the effectiveness of trade and industry. The occasion will highlight industrialists’ inventiveness and capacity to use technological improvements for value addition.

“We cordially encourage organizations, businesspeople, and creatives from every sphere to participate in the UMA 29th Uganda International Trade Fair. This event is a celebration of innovation, ingenuity, and resiliency rather than merely a venue for the display of goods. Together, we will use digital transformation to increase production and trade efficiency, he declared.

The theme of this year’s trade fair was chosen after much consideration, according to Mr. Simon Kaheru, Chairman of the Communication, Marketing and Events Subcommittee, because it is essential for value addition, which is a slogan theme that Uganda is following particularly in this era of rapid innovations.

“The subject is particularly significant since it puts Uganda’s manufacturing sector in a better position to benefit from community integration in East Africa and to engage in trade throughout Africa and beyond. So let’s spread the word.

He continued by saying that over 1000 exhibitors are anticipated for this year’s trade show, continuing the momentum from last year’s show, and that over 30 country pavilions from outside partners and visitors have already been reserved.

“We anticipate hosting more than 300,000 guests throughout that week. This is a crucial aspect, especially for the exhibitors since there are 100,000 potential clients, business partners, and suppliers represented. Out of all the stoles we have, there is currently only 43% of available space for you to take up at the trade exhibition, which is still six weeks away.

In highlighting the trade show’s goals, Mr. Kaheru pointed out that a number of exhibitors have been set up to demonstrate what they can do to construct and produce in Uganda utilizing their digital capabilities in order to urge Uganda’s manufacturers to adopt such technologies.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be educational opportunities for those who are interested in manufacturing. These educational opportunities will advance knowledge and aid in a thorough understanding of policies.

According to Mr. Kaheru, this year’s trade show is receiving additional government backing, which is being coordinated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Additionally, the government’s presence will be used to regulate content and create policies that are advantageous to the industry.

“During the trade fair, we will have specific days during which our members as UMA will have the opportunity to sit on boards with government officials from different ministries and agencies to discuss how to better sharpen policies for the good of manufacturing in Uganda.”

Omotesele Akinpelu, the acting managing director of TotalEnergies Marketing Uganda, was also present. She welcomed the theme and revealed that her company has already started working toward it, which is why they are transitioning to offer their customers solutions that are cleaner and more renewable.

“Through our fuel card and collaboration with like-minded people, we are also innovating to provide access to quicker e-payment platforms to facilitate trade,” she continued.

For 29 years, the UMA International Trade Fair has been a significant event on the national calendar, giving companies a vibrant setting to present their goods and services, network with other companies, and look for new business prospects. This festival, which anticipates an average of 300,000 attendees, is a monument to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Ugandans.

Over Sh467 million has been received from sponsors and partners so far this year. The Science Technology and Innovation Secretariat, Stanbic Bank Uganda, Uganda Insurers Association, Tembo Steels Limited, and Kiboko Enterprises were some of the key partners.

TotalEnergies, a platinum sponsor, joined forces with the UMA 29th Uganda International Trade Fair to create a unique opportunity for the public to interact with the company’s products and services firsthand. This partnership shows TotalEnergies’ commitment to innovation goes beyond a simple logo change, and they also donated over Sh150 million to the trade fair.

The Science, Technology, and Innovation Secretariat (STI), another platinum sponsor, provided Shs150M.

Bronze sponsors include Tembo Steels Limited ($20 million), Stanbic Bank ($40 million), and Uganda Insurers Association ($20 million). Media Partners: KBS TV and Vision Group each contributed Shs27m. 40 days remain till the 29th Uganda International Trade Fair.