1. Rwenshama Landing Site

A year ago, Rwenshama, a landing site on the shores of Lake Edward, Uganda, was just like any other village landing site – boats all over the many landing spots on the lake shore, fishermen and brokers huddled besides the boats spread across the lake shores in the hot sun, with hordes of onlookers watching the spectacle of price negotiations. Piles of fish could be seen, either on a sack or spread on the sandy ground. At that time, the modern integrated landing site was still under construction.

By June 2021, the landing site had undergone complete transformation. The modern fish landing and processing facility was complete and in use. The solar powered potable water supply system, and the ‘ecosan’ sanitation facility were also complete. And so was the administration block which houses the Fisheries Officer as well as the Fisheries Protection Unit. Two privately run mobile money kiosks had opened shop inside the facility to take advantage of the booming commercial activities taking place at the landing site. “The only facilities not yet in use are the sun drying facilities and modern fish smoking kilns, which will be operational soon,” Mr. Richard Rugadya, the National Fisheries Officer for the project in Uganda explained.


 2. Gaba Landing Site

It is found on Lake Victoria, in Ggaba, Kampala Uganda. It is used as a centre for fish and trade in Uganda.

Ggaba landing site is on the shores of lake victoria. It is in Kampala. It is frequented by people who go to Ggaba beach which neighbours it. The site has a market where fish and foodstuffs are sold. it also has storage units, a trading point for fish, and offices for Kampala Capital City authority, which supervises the activities on the site.

Ggaba landing site is a place where many activities such as water transport, fishing, boat cruising take place.

Ggaba Landing Site.

3. Kasenyi Landing Site

The historical background of Kasenyi fish landing site. The name Kasenyi was a result ofthe eroded fine sand along the shore line. It has been in use since the early 1960s. it offered a good hide out for; fishermen, law breakers and tax defaulters.

Kasenyi Landing Site

4. Lutoboka Landing Site

Lutoboka landing site is found on Lake Victoria, in Kalangala District, on Bugala Island. It is a tourist destination with hotels and resorts. The fish mostly caught at the site include Nile perch, tilapia, sprat and silverfish. Most fishermen engage in fishing of silverfish, tilapia and Nile perch. Fish preservation at the site is done though fish smoking, sun drying and steel cases. The fishermen usually fish at night. They leave in the evenings and return in the morning. Fishermen engage in farming and animal rearing to supplement their income.