Over the years, the government has improved increase prosperity among the people of Uganda.

Historical experience provides proof that if you construct a road or railway through a cultivable area, you automatically stimulate economic development. Most importantly, the past few years have taught us that transport infrastructure and related services will be developed sustainably only if we approach them in an integrated manner.

The government, therefore, is committed to developing all modes of transport, including road, railway, water and air to reduce the cost of both passenger and cargo transport.

Over the next five years, as a package of measures to reduce the cost of transport, we are going to concentrate on five areas. First, reducing freight transportation costs from Mombasa Port and other ports to Kampala and other parts of the country. Second, reduce average travel time within Kampala City and the surrounding areas. Third, we are going to continue with the effort of opening up all parts of Uganda and connect them to the paved national road network. Fourth, using a science-led approach, we will reduce the unit cost of building transport infrastructure. Lastly, maintaining transport infrastructure (particularly the tarmacking of roads) to increase the average lifespan of roads from 15 to 20 years and more.

Road Updates