Blue Crane Communications Ltd

Established in 2017, A premier Internet Service Provider Network licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission and operational in the Republic of Uganda as well as some parts of East Africa. a certified reseller and partner to Africa’s largest and most reputable ISPN, SEACOM

Some of our areas of expertise include: Internet Services, Security & Surveillance, ICT & Telecommunication, Power Solutions & Renewable Infrastructure, Printer Consumables, Smart Tv Solutions, Fleet Management, Backup & Storage and Advisory Services.

Fezatel Ltd

FEZATEL The Network Solutions Provider and Internet Service Provider in Uganda, offering the ONE SHOP STOP for ALL your TELECOMMUNICATION needs and requirements.

Fezatel’s innovative Network Technology and the variety of telecom products in conjunction with its international telecom expert team, warrantees the Most Versatile. Fast. Secure and Reliable network designs which can be offered to our customers

OUR Toolcase includes devices and equipment, very compact and environmentally protected by design, with low power consumption, and secure and safe for installations.

Fezatel delivers amazing wireless gigabit performance, low latency, and long range. Fezatel ushers in a new era in price-disruptive wireless technology ideal for carrier backhaul, region-to-region, village-to-village, town to town, building-to-building or any other enterprise or community-wide area network application use.


Hamilton Telecom Ltd

Hamilton Telecom was born out of the desire to fill the gap in the Ugandan Telecommunication Industry. With our cutting-edge technology solutions, we aim to revolutionize your business through our digital transformation. On this backdrop, provide the industry with the most agile and comprehensive solutions which include MVNO services, fiber: backhaul: last mile connectivity, Cloud Communication Platform and Business Out Sourcing.

Roke Telkom

Roke telkom is a telecommunications company based in Uganda. It was licensed by Uganda Communications Commission in 2006.


The headquarters and main office of Roke Telkom are located at Guardian Georgia Building, Plot 67 Spring Road, Bugolobi in Nakawa Division, Kampala District. The coordinates of the company headquarters are 0°18’59″N 32°34’56″E (Latitude: 0.31628; Longitude:32.58219).


In January 2006, Roke Telkom launched its operations in Uganda. and it was licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as a Public Service Provider (capacity resale, voice and data) and Public Infrastructure Provider in 2006.In 2015, Roke Telkom entered a partnership with Google which enabled the company to increase its fibre footprint.


Roke Telkom was the first telecommunications company to roll out a fibre connection between Uganda and Tanzania. The company fibre network and fixed wireless network, connecting both multi branch enterprises and residences.

Roke Telkom Logo
Simba Telecom

is the biggest mobile phone retailer in East Africa with over 100 retail outlets and is also the largest airtime distributor in the region

Founded in 1998, Simba Telecom was the launch distribution partner for South African telecoms network MTN in Uganda. Within six months of starting operations, Simba and MTN were able to sign up over five times as many customers as the incumbent network had achieved in the previous four years. Simba built a large distribution network across Uganda, and since founding has signed up many millions of customers onto the MTN network.

Ubuntu Towers Uganda Limited

Ubuntu Towers Uganda Limited (UBUNTU) was granted a National Public Infrastructure Provider (NPIP) license by The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC)on 11th May 2021 to provide infrastructure services in Uganda. The NPIP license is for a period of fifteen (15) years.

Ubuntu Towers Uganda Limited (UBUNTU) was granted a National Public Infrastructure Provider (NPIP) license by The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC)on 11th May 2021 to provide infrastructure services in Uganda. The NPIP license is for a period of fifteen (15) years.

In accordance with section 42 (2) of the Act, UBUNTU applied to UCC for consent to transfer its majority shares to Tower Corporation of Africa (Tower Co Africa), a private company incorporated in Port Louis, Mauritius. Tower Co Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axian Telecom of Mauritius.

If approved, the proposed transactions will result in Tower Co Africa acquiring 90% shares in UBUNTU, which, in terms of section 42(5) of the Act, amounts to a transfer of a license.

In accordance with section 38(2)(d) of the Uganda Communication Act 2013 and Regulation 93(1) of Uganda Communications (Licensing) Regulation 2019, the Commission is required to consider the public interest before determining whether or not to grant approval for transfer of a license.

Therefore,UCC has requested the general public to provide written comments and/or objections, if any, regarding the aforesaid application. Written comments and/or objections should be UCC before 30th July 2021.