Hive Colab

Hive Colab is an open, community-owned, co-working hub for young tech entrepreneurs in Uganda. We offer digital entrepreneurs access to the internet, a quiet professional working environment to develop their ideas, hold events and generally collaborate. Hive Colab is an innovation and incubation hub, a collaborative co-working space for Uganda’s business and tech community.

It is an innovation hub because we believe that Ugandans have Brilliant ideas that sometimes need a nudge to bring them out, we are all about new technologies for business and development of Uganda.

If you are a brilliant mind that has just not decided on what idea to build on, we will help you through activities geared towards steering your brilliant mind to think innovation! We are the first Tech Hub in Uganda collaborating with academia and private sector to inspire this and the next generation of Ugandan Technologists to build and develop apps, guiding youth into creativity and innovation to produce quality and world-class technology! We are here to facilitate Genius and we accelerate emerging companies’ development by providing hands-on assistance during vulnerable start-up years.

We are investing in Young talented technologists ideas with time, attention, capital and highlighting their careers, we offer mentors to our members, with our in-house consultants to guide and advise startups when they need it, to enable them to build their ideas to last. We give the start-up / new company the much-needed visible identity to help promote its offerings and find funding or investment capital. Located in the middle of Kampala on the 4th floor of Kanjokya House in Kamwokya, Makes it easily accessible for our members.

We have 300 square metre space, a reliable Internet connection, and electricity back up, conference space for one to one meetings, a tech atmosphere to share the latest trend on the World Technology space. If you are looking to share ideas with like-minded people, the Hive Colab offers you access to a great network of people whom you can share your ideas with.


Outbox leverage the talent and resources within our community to support organisations that seek to build technology tools to improve their work on social good. This includes digital transformation, user centered design principles and custom software development. The labs offers an opportunity for an organisation to leverage the best of Outbox’s resources, while tapping into our social entrepreneurship initiatives. We believe in using our skills and talent to support tech for social good.

Women in Technology Uganda (WITU)

Founded in 2014, WITU is a non-profit started by women for women. The goal of the organization is to transform the lives of women and girls from underserved communities into successful technologists and entrepreneurs. We achieve this through carefully working with communities and their people to bring lasting change.Started in Kampala with 2 computers and 7 participants, WITU has grown into a national non profit reaching over 35 districts across the country, working with at least 6000 young girls and women annually and supporting then to get into gainful and dignifies work  either through connection to job opportunities or support to start a business.The WITU network comprises tech professionals, women business owners and experts in different fields across Uganda.  WITU’s programs are developed together with the participants and industry leaders to ensure they are relevant and we leverage technology to deliver our programs. Through a carefully structured programme of education, mentoring and practical financial support we intend to level the gender gap and economic imbalance for long term growth and stability. By 2026, we will have positively impacted the lives of 50,000 women and girls giving them the means to establish financial independence and personal growth.

The Innovation Village

For a long time, a standard approach to nurturing innovators has mostly been through innovation competitions and award ceremonies that focus on the top 3 winners out of 100 submissions.

The Innovation Village is a destination that the 97 who never take the trophy home come to transform their ideas into solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We create an environment where start-ups grow in confidence and capability scaling from promising tech into fully established sustainable businesses.

We breathe for seeing people’s ideas that could transform society come to life and make a remarkable impact.

The doors are open for all that have big Ideas and the determination to work them into life.


TechBuzz Hub

After looking at the prevailing rate of startup failure in Uganda and Africa — TechBuzz Hub. A collaborative community for growth and success of ideas.
Furthermore, we organize incubation and training programs for entrepreneurs and young professionals. Here you’ll get unlimited access to mentorship and skills training.
We pride ourselves for having diversity. Our network is so rich that you can join with just the idea but assured that you will exit with both the knowledge, skills,network and the business itself. This makes a one-stop centre for entrepreneurship.