Airtel Uganda Introduces VoLTE Service

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Users that have a VoLTE-capable phone and a 4G Sim Card can use this technology.


Earlier today, VoLTE (Voice over LTE) was made available on Airtel Uganda’s 5G-Ready Network. Airtel Uganda is a prominent provider of telecommunications services and platforms for creativity. Due to the call traffic being transported across the LTE network architecture, all Airtel customers with eligible devices can now make crystal-clear calls over the 4G network. High Definition is automatically enabled by VoLTE for crisper voice calls at the same call rate as regular calls.

“We keep pushing ourselves, innovating, and inspiring more Ugandans to imagine. VoLTE is a breakthrough that will enable our consumers to make and receive high-quality voice conversations without interfering with their 4G (LTE) browsing experiences, according to Manoj Murali, Managing Director of Airtel Uganda.

Users that have a VoLTE-capable phone and a 4G Sim Card can use this technology. VoLTE must be enabled on the user’s mobile device by updating the OS.

Once your device supports VoLTE, the following things will happen:

HD Voice Calls: incredibly clear talks that feel like you’re sitting right next to one another!
Do more at once with effective multitasking! – hold a voice and data session at once
better call setup.

When it comes to the introduction of innovation in the Ugandan telecom sector, Airtel continues to be the market leader. Prior innovations include the eSIM, which enables users to carry up to 10 embedded (e)SIMs in a single phone, the 5G readiness, which is awaiting spectrum allocation, and the SmartPole, which enables the distribution of high network coverage in built-up regions of the city.

This most recent development by Airtel Uganda comes after the successful launch of the brand’s new theme, A Reason to Imagine, which aims to give our customers the chance to do more by maximizing their potential by supplying pertinent solutions that improve their communication with the help of our voice, data, and other services available.

Airtel Uganda Introduces VoLTE, a Service That Delivers Excellent