Annual East African Airshow To Be Held At Entebbe International Airport

According to the event's organizers, Aviator Africa, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Airspace Africa, and MK movement, from December 5 to 7, 2024, the East African Airshow will take center stage, igniting the skies with passion and enthusiasm.


The annual East African Airshow will be held at Entebbe International Airport in 2023 as East African Carriers take off to celebrate the region’s outstanding tourist and aviation industries.

According to the event’s organizers, Aviator Africa, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Airspace Africa, and MK movement, from December 5 to 7, 2024, the East African Airshow will take center stage, igniting the skies with passion and enthusiasm.

The much anticipated event promises to be a magnificent display of aviation expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and the seamless fusion of aviation and tourism, all set against the breathtaking scenery of Uganda.

The East African Airshow is positioned to become a renowned occasion that brings together aviation enthusiasts, business leaders, elected officials, and travelers from all around East Africa and beyond. This extraordinary event aims to expand aviation’s potential and motivate the following generation of leaders in the aviation and tourism industries. Aerial Innovations and More

The event’s dynamic schedule features breath-taking formations, dazzling aerial shows with cutting-edge aircraft, and impressive aerobatics. Beyond the sky, the airshow offers a wide range of activities, such as an extensive business conference, engaging exhibitions, a career fair, and a glitzy gala supper for aviation and tourist awards.

The East African Airshow, according to a statement made by the organizer on Monday afternoon, is more than just an event; it’s a hub for collaboration and partnership with the aim of giving aviation and tourism professionals a place to have important conversations, consider novel ideas, and form relationships that will advance their fields.

Airlines ready to fly out of Entebbe Airport

The airshow intends to inspire spectators to not only appreciate the sky but also explore the dynamic tourism offers of the area. It also strives to promote tourism and aviation synergy by highlighting the natural beauty, cultural legacy, and animal wonders of East Africa. This fusion produces an immersive experience that goes beyond the actual event.

The influence of the Airshow goes well beyond the actual event dates. With a special emphasis on career development and youth engagement, the airshow is dedicated to fostering the future generation of aviation and tourism leaders.

The goal of the event is to inspire hopes and dreams that will influence the course of East Africa’s progress by exhibiting the untapped potential of these areas. A lottery for the public to win flights and aviation scholarships, a project of MK Movement, will be a part of the event’s CSR activity.

air display

A public event when airplanes are displayed is called an airshow, airfare, or air tattoo. They are known as “static air shows” and include parked aircraft. They frequently feature aerobatics demonstrations.

The majority of air shows include warbirds, aerobatics, and displays of contemporary military aircraft, and many of them also feature a variety of other aeronautical attractions, including wing-walking, radio-controlled aircraft, water/slurry drops from firefighting aircraft, simulated helicopter rescues, and skydiving.

The Grande Semaine d’Aviation de la Champagne, which took place in Reims from August 22–29, 1909, was the first open international airshow where numerous types of aircraft were on display and being flown. This had been preceded by what may have been the first-ever enthusiast gathering, which had taken place at the airport at La Brayelle, close to Douai, from June 28 to July 19, the same year.

The first airshow in East Africa is thought to have occurred in Kenya in 1933. It was held at the Nairobi Airport, currently known as Wilson Airport, and was organized by the Nairobi Flying Club.

It served as the region’s first aviation festival and featured a variety of flying demonstrations including aerobatics. Since then, East Africa has seen a rise in interest in air shows and other aviation-related events, which highlights the industry’s expansion and advancement in the region.

The first airshow in Uganda is thought to have been staged in 1935 at the Old Entebbe Airport, which is now known as Entebbe International Airport, and was put on by the East African Airways Corporation.

Entebbe International Airport

Similar to previous early airshows in East Africa, the occasion included a variety of aviation demonstrations including aerobatics. Since that time, Entebbe has developed historically into a significant aviation hub in the area, and this airshow was one of the first aviation-related occasions in Ugandan history.