Uganda to Participate in the Single African Air Transport Market

Representatives from twelve Eastern and Southern African nations attended the conference, which was arranged by a number of regional organizations, including COMESA, the European Union, the Africa Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), IGAD, and the East African Community.

Entebbe Airport Sees a Noteworthy Volume of Passengers

1,900 delegates were accommodated by the airport, which undoubtedly increased traffic. According to Luggya, in terms of cargo, in January 2024, Entebbe International Airport registered 3,579 metric tons of imports and 3,604 metric tons of exports.

The Ugandan Parliament Passes the Important Civil Aviation Amendment Act

The amendment fixes the flaws found in the September 2023 Universal Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP), which was the previous audit. General Wamala issued a warning: if the law’s processing is delayed, there could be negative audit findings and possible harm to the law’s reputation abroad.

Entebbe Airport Sets Records for International Passenger Volumes

198,961 foreign passengers handled in December 2023, Entebbe Airport achieved a new high. With 104,160 arrivals and 94,800 departures, this milestone was reached with an astounding daily average of 6,418 passengers. According to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) spokesperson Vianney Mpungu Luggya, this number is the country’s highest record for a single day.