Huawei Digitruck in The Lango Sub-Region

Hon. Denis Obua, the chief guest, began by expressing gratitude for the cordial ties between the governments of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Uganda.


Alebtong, Uganda: At Boma Grounds in the Alebtong District, Huawei Uganda threw a graduation celebration for the 241 Lango Sub-Region recipients. The Government Chiefwhip, Hon. Denis Obua, was the event’s chief guest. Other attendees included Mr. Gao Jian, Huawei Uganda’s deputy managing director, and various local leaders from the Sub-region. Since its official launch on February 16, 2024, the Huawei Technologies DigiTruck project has trained 241 Ugandans in the Alebtong District. The program was successfully concluded on March 5, 2024.

The goal of the Huawei Uganda Digi Truck initiative is to turn the East African nation into a digital village in line with the nation’s 2040 vision, National Development Plan, and Education Digital Agenda Strategy.

Hon. Denis Obua, the chief guest, began by expressing gratitude for the cordial ties between the governments of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Uganda. Hon. Obua said, reminding the audience that Uganda strongly supports the digital agenda for the People, as evidenced by the Huawei digitruck, which was introduced by the country’s president in 2023.

Obua began by recognizing the friendly ties between the governments of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Uganda.

“Today, Huawei brings the Digitruck to Alebtong, making this the third region—after the Teso sub-region and the Busoga Region—to gain from this initiative to teach our people digital skills. The government will require digitally skilled workers for the upcoming Census, and recipients of this program should keep an eye out for other chances in other sectors that also require professional workers in their specific areas. This is a blatant example of how crucial ICT is to our daily existence. According to Hon. Obua.

He encourages young people to start small (Grass to Grace), reminding them that every successful man has a “start” story. He goes on, “With such skills you have attained you can use it to transform Alebtong and beyond.” says Obua.

Hon. Obua once again complimented the graduates in attendance and gave each of them a token of appreciation for representing the people of the Lango sub-region in attaining such remarkable abilities. Honorable Chief Whip of the Government, Hon. Obua, praised Huawei for their initiatives to teach digital literacy to youth.

The DigiTruck project is a component of Huawei’s TECH4ALL strategy, which aims to promote digital inclusion and sustainability globally, according to Mr. Gao Jian, Deputy Managing Director of Huawei Uganda.

“The training in Alebtong started on February 16, 2024, and officially ended on March 5, 2024,” Mr. Gao Jian said. Students, teachers, farmers, and governmental services such as government officers and health personnel made up this cohort. I’m happy to report that Alebtong had a really nice gender balance. These recipients have become architects of their own future through ICT skill development.

“We are formally observing the results of our first meeting, Hon. Obua, by presenting 241 Ugandans who have completed this program here in the Lango region, and acknowledge that ICT education is a necessity rather than a luxury.” Mr. Gao went on.

Mr. Gao Jian expressed his gratitude to Hon. Obua and the Lango local leadership for their kind reception of the Huawei Digitruck in Alebtong and for making sure that the public benefits from these ICT capabilities. In his closing remarks, he congratulated the Alebtong beneficiaries and reaffirmed to them that they are a member of a global community that is linked by intangible technological strands. He urged them to work together to create a fully connected and intelligent society by applying the talents they have acquired to better themselves first and ultimately Uganda in the long run.