Moroto Municipality Improves Infrastructure to Attract Tourists

Moroto Municipality is improving its infrastructure in order to attract more tourists. The town is located in northeastern Uganda and has a lot of interesting attractions.


With just one month till the Christmas break, many individuals have made plans to make the most of the occasion.

Moroto is a town in North Eastern Uganda, west of Mt Moroto and north of the Republic of Kenya, for those who have never visited the East African continent. It is the ‘main town’ of Moroto district, and it houses the district headquarters. The neighborhood was named after the town.

Moroto is around 210 kilometers (130 miles) northeast of Mbale, the nearest significant city. This site is roughly 420 kilometers (260 miles) by road northeast of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

The town’s coordinates are: 2°31’48.0′′N, 34°40’12.0′′E (Latitude: 2.5300; Longitude: 34.6700).

Moroto is also the mother of nine Karamoja districts in northeastern Uganda: Napak, Nakapiripirit, Kotido, Amudat, Abim, Nabilatuk, Karenga, Kaabong, and Moroto.

This town offers distinct traits that might fascinate the eyes of a first-time visitor to Moroto. Some of these sights include a magnificent geographical location with several mountains, a variety of hotels with adequate accommodations, and a thriving arts and crafts industry.

The town provides a welcoming environment that will make travelers want to spend their Christmas vacation in Moroto.

Apart from its distinctive charms, Moroto town boasts a variety of tourist attractions, including the only museum in the Karamoja area, which was created in Moroto.

There’s no need to be concerned about lodging; the town offers lots of possibilities. Beautiful hotels, such as Hotel Stikers Club, have transformed the appearance of Moroto Municipality. This hotel serves classic cuisine that any tourist will like, and it also boasts a well-designed, soundproof club where guests may dance till they want to relax.

Moroto Resort Hotel is another hotel that has piqued everyone’s interest in the area. This hotel offers a one-of-a-kind setting where only African cuisine is produced. Other sorts of meals are also offered, made according to guest preferences.

These hotels are popular in the region due to their low lodging charges.

Other hotels include Mt. Moroto Hotel, Hotel Africana, and many more.

There is pay TV for people who wish to relax in their rooms. In terms of accommodations, travelers can choose between cottages and hotel rooms. All of these are self-contained and have king-sized beds.

All of these hotels offer room rates ranging from Shs 80,000 to Shs 240,000 per night, including breakfast. The hotels are linked to the national grid but also have a backup generator.

Aside from relaxing, all of these hotels provide conference halls with space for up to 500 people.

Mr. Mohamed Isamil, Mayor of Moroto Municipality, stated that his administration is dedicated to making Moroto one of the greatest communities in the country.

“We are expecting hundreds of our friends from Kenya to cross and celebrate Christmas in Moroto, and this will be an opportunity for the traders of Moroto to make money,” he went on to say.

He stated that the difficulties of lodging in Moroto are already gone.

It should be mentioned that Moroto Municipality had just 300 rooms for lodging in the previous five years, but now there are 10,000 rooms for accommodation, including rooms from smaller guest houses.