Net Metering Technology – Minister Nankabirwa Enthusiastic

Nexus Green told the Minister of their ambitions to roll out E-Boda-Bodas (electric motorbike taxis) across the country by 2025.


The Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Honorable Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, is eager to lead the implementation of Net Metering technology in Uganda.

At prestigious government locations like the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala, the Minerals Department in Entebbe, and the strategically positioned army barracks in Nakasongola, she has suggested experimental programs for this novel billing mechanism.

This statement was made at a meeting that was held in Amber House, the ministry’s main office. Minister Nankabirwa collaborated with the specialized British business Nexus Green, which promotes affordable solar-powered solutions.

By feeding excess energy from their renewable energy sources, such as solar systems, back into the grid, users of Net Metering, an advanced billing method, are given the ability to reduce their electricity costs.

Hon. Nankabirwa expressed her unflinching commitment and promised to support the Net Metering pilot project 100 percent. She emphasized Uganda’s commitment to encouraging innovation in the energy industry and upholding a sustainable approach to resource management.

Mr. Riki Verma, the manager of the Nexus Green team, called attention to a critical project timeline concern. He underlined the need of achieving prompt, error-free implementation.

Nexus Green team at State House

Minister Nankabirwa responded by stating her determination to work with the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to hasten the creation of the regulations required for the adoption of this technology. She stressed the significance of the trial project’s development since the lessons learned from its execution will have a big impact on future policy.

Additionally, Nexus Green told the Minister of their ambitions to roll out E-Boda-Bodas (electric motorbike taxis) across the country by 2025. Uganda is steadfastly committed to modernizing and electrifying the transportation industry while embracing green and sustainable mobility solutions, as seen by this ambitious program.

The fruitful discussion between Minister Nankabirwa and the Nexus Green team highlights Uganda’s persistent commitment to developing a greener, more effective, and forward-looking energy environment as the country continues to push its progressive energy and mineral policies.