Tilenga Academy Begins Training 200 Youth

The Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba (UPIK) will begin training its inaugural cohort of one hundred (100) trainees in April 2024. Subsequent training programs at global oil and gas training facilities and practical training throughout the Tilenga Project’s building phase will come next. October 2024 is when the second cohort is scheduled to begin training.

Pioneer Buses to Be Removed
Immediately at Namboole Stadium

Speaker of Parliament, has issued an order requiring the Pioneer Bus Limited cars parked at the Mandela National Stadium complex—also referred to as Namboole Stadium—to be removed right away. This choice was made after Among and a group from Parliament, led by Commissioner of Parliament Mathias Mpuuga, inspected the property.

Sh17b Source of The Nile Pier Construction

The project, valued at Sh17 billion, was awarded to Excel Construction Company Limited by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities of the Government of Uganda. Its original duration was scheduled to begin on October 1, 2023, and end on October 1, 2024.

Internet Protocol For Uganda

Fundamentally, the Internet Protocol is a system that assigns an IP address, or unique numerical identification, to every device connected to a network. These addresses serve as virtual IDs that allow data to be routed accurately from its source to its destination.

China Extended an Invitation to The Energy Minister of Uganda

A significant step forward for Uganda’s ambitious $5 billion crude oil pipeline project has been made: China has formally invited Uganda’s energy minister, Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa, indicating that talks between the two countries are about to take place.