The Government Buys Equipment for 16 Districts’ Roads



16 districts throughout the nation will receive road equipment, according to plans made by the Ugandan government through Works State Minister Fred Byamukama. By providing above-average rainfall last year, the El-Nino phenomena caused substantial damage to several locations, including those heavily affected by road reconstruction works.

Byamukama lists Kikuube, Terego, and Rubanda as the districts that benefit. The government-purchased road equipment is expected to be delivered to the appropriate districts early next month. The local governments that were chosen as beneficiaries, however, were not identified by the selection process.

The recipient districts are happy with the news, but authorities in the districts that were left out—like Hoima City—are not happy with the choice. Leaders of Hoima City regret not being included in the allotment after making multiple appeals to the central government. Byamukama argues that in order to lessen the financial burden of employing privately owned machinery, districts without assigned equipment can borrow from those scheduled to receive it.

Purchasing road equipment is a critical task at a time when districts are struggling to restore their crumbling roads. Kikuube District, for example, has already started road rehabilitation projects, demonstrating the pressing demand for such equipment.

Works Minister Gen. Katumba Wamala gave MPs the assurance during a parliamentary session that the government had acquired the tools required for road repair across the country. He did point out that the supplier is still seeking the final six billion shillings needed to finish the procurement procedure.

Legislators’ concerns about the government’s failure to meet its obligations to districts for road repair equipment have prompted the statement. The minister has been given two weeks by Parliament to produce a detailed report on the state of road construction nationwide.