Three Ugandan Startups Sign Partnerships with Asian IT Giants

The agreements were signed at the esteemed Gitex Africa 2024 conference in Marrakech, Morocco.


Three trailblazing East African firms have established ground-breaking alliances with major Asian tech giants, demonstrating Uganda’s impressive rise in the tech world.

The agreements were signed at the esteemed Gitex Africa 2024 conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Gitex Africa is a leading forum that encourages innovation and cooperation between members of the continent’s technology community.

These memorandums of understanding (MoUs) not only represent a major advancement for Ugandan companies, but they also highlight the increasing global acknowledgment of Africa’s dynamic tech scene.

Uganda startups shine at GITEX Africa 2023

During Gitex Africa 2024, Hive Colab made history by becoming the first Ugandan startup to formally sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the prestigious Korean company Dain Leaders. Acknowledging the critical role that collaboration and Uganda-Korea connections play in supporting startups in Uganda, all parties engaged are dedicated to achieving mutual benefit and the growth of their respective businesses. Thus, they have joined forces to create this Memorandum of Understanding (henceforth abbreviated as “MOU”).

In light of their respective start-ups and educational needs in a range of ICT, healthcare, education, and training domains, the Parties will support the following exchange activities: a) Collaborative research and training; b) Strategic alliance;

c) Information sharing, publishing, and training resources related to ICT.

The second was Ntakye Holdings, which agreed to collaborate on solar-integrated technology with Jubix, a South Korean company, through a memorandum of understanding.

Additionally, Canine Safaris and Flitto, a Korean AI startup, partnered to employ AI to conserve culture by converting as many regional accents as possible.

Gitex Africa 2024 is a testament to the dynamic evolution of Uganda’s digital sector, which has garnered notice for its innovative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit. Ugandan enterprises are participating in the event.

These businesses have evolved into change agents, driving innovations across a range of industries, including healthcare, banking, and beyond, in the face of a rapidly digitizing economy and a youthful populace eager to adopt new technologies.

Their presence at Gitex Africa is evidence of the ground-breaking potential embedded in Africa’s tech scene, attracting interest from international players seeking to collaborate and make investments.

The Youth Startup Academy Uganda (YSAU), an initiative focused on promoting youth-led entrepreneurship and economic development, and Hive Colab, which has played a crucial role in nurturing YSAU startups and shaping the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, have made it possible for Uganda to represent GITEX for the second time. Last year, only five startups were able to participate, but this year, fifteen participated.

The partnerships between these Ugandan businesspeople and Asian digital giants represent a significant turning point in the process of promoting cross-continental collaboration and leveraging synergies to address pressing global concerns.

By working together, these organizations intend to take advantage of the expertise and resources that they have in common to collaboratively develop innovative solutions that transcend national boundaries and adapt to the shifting needs of different markets.

Not only are technology transfer and market access clear benefits, but these alliances can also foster knowledge sharing, talent development, and socioeconomic empowerment. Therefore, they can be in favor of the more general objectives of equitable growth and sustainable development.