Vice President Alupo Begins Road Construction in Katakwi District

Katakwi received an extra sh1 billion for road repair in the fiscal year 2023/2024 budget, augmenting monies granted by the Road Fund.


Vice-President Jessica Alupo has formally commissioned the building and maintenance of community access roads in Uganda’s eastern region of Katakwi in order to improve road infrastructure. The grant of sh1 billion by President Yoweri Museveni to each district and municipality for road upkeep has set the path for considerable advances in Katakwi.

Koritok-Aparisa-Ocorimongin Road (7.5km), estimated at sh282 million; Abwokodia-Ongatunyo-Milimili-Aketa Road (7km), estimated at sh285 million; and Ocorimongin-Alese-Omodoi Road (8km), estimated at sh282 million.

Katakwi received an extra sh1 billion for road repair in the fiscal year 2023/2024 budget, augmenting monies granted by the Road Fund. Vice-President Alupo thanked President Museveni for the funding, reiterating the government’s commitment to upgrading and maintaining Uganda’s road infrastructure.

The monies have been designated for normal repair of the district’s existing murram roads. Alupo emphasized that the increased money provided by the Road Fund demonstrate the government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure across the country.

Vice-President Alupo told the public at the commissioning that the government is in the process of obtaining road equipment for districts, with 11 districts currently missing such equipment. She asked contractors to utilize high-quality construction materials and adhere to strict requirements.

Maj. Godfrey Katamba, the Katakwi resident district commissioner, emphasized the rising maintenance expenses of district road equipment and urged the government to resolve these problems. He also stressed the significance of covering ball pits following murram excavation in order to keep youngsters safe.

The continuous road building and maintenance are in accordance with the National Resistance Movement agenda, therefore honoring the social contract between the party and the voters. When finished, the roads are anticipated to improve the agricultural value chain, hence enhancing people’s lives and expanding economic services.

Geoffrey Omolo, Katakwi district chairman, expressed thanks to the government and requested that equipment maintenance expenditures be prioritized. District engineer Andrew Echatu verified that road repair has been completed and road gangs have been recruited, with activities beginning this month. Quality control procedures are prioritized in order to optimize the social and economic advantages of the grant-funded road improvements.