Vision Group and Total Energies pledge assistance To Uganda International Trade Fair

To promote the advancement of research and technology that has been fueled by information age tactics, TotalEnergies gave sh150m as the platinum sponsor and sh60m as the media partner.


The upcoming 29th Uganda International Trade Fair has the assistance of Vision Group and TotalEnergies Uganda.

The fair’s theme emphasizes the crucial role digital innovation and transformation play in improving manufacturing and trade efficiency.

To promote the advancement of research and technology that has been fueled by information age tactics, TotalEnergies gave sh150m as the platinum sponsor and sh60m as the media partner.

On October 3–10, 2023, the annual trade expo will be held at the Uganda Manufacturing Association (UMA) showgrounds in Lugogo, Kampala.

For 29 years, the UMA International Trade Fair has been a crucial component of the national calendar, offering enterprises a lively forum to present their goods and services, network, and look for new business prospects. This festival, which anticipates an average of 300,000 attendees, is a monument to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Ugandans.

According to Uganda Manufacturers Board chairperson Deo Kayemba, the event will highlight industrialists’ inventiveness and their capacity to use technical breakthroughs for value addition.

“We cordially encourage organizations, businesspeople, and creatives from every sphere to participate in the UMA 29th Uganda International Trade Fair. This event is a celebration of resiliency, creativity, and the force of innovation rather than just a venue for the display of goods, he said.

Together, Kayemba said, we will use digital transformation to increase production and trade efficiency.

Deo Kayemba the Chairman Uganda Manufacturers Association flanked by the Executive Director Daniel Birunji.

“This is one of the successes Uganda has achieved towards a 61-year-old journey of independence from the British administration while seeking to transform the economy from pleasantly to manufacturing, industrialisation, and science and technology,” he said.

Vision Group marketing manager Lorraine Tukahirwa urged local manufacturers to use digital platforms to exhibit their content and innovations in order to be able to share from the market competitiveness in the East African Community (EAC) region while speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at UMA show ground offices at Lugogo in Kampala.

“As the multimedia company, we shall have to showcase Vision Publishing where we disseminate transformative information through books, autobiographies, and novels where people are able to tell their life-time stories and business ideas to the wider market in the whole world,” Tukahirwa stated.

According to Tukahirwa, the company’s discovery of outdoor advertising as a new marketing opportunity for Uganda’s indigenous companies to achieve awareness and innovativeness in the competitive world was made possible by modern technology.

In order to help them maximize output in the near term and be able to promote their discoveries to the outside world as quickly as possible, Tukahirwa said, “Technology is fast changing and we need to sensitize our people to embrace technology.”

Acting managing director of TotalEnergies Uganda, Omotesele Akinpelu, stated that the company has already started a transformation to provide clients solutions for cleaner and more renewable energy sources.

“Through our fuel card and collaboration with like-minded people, we are also innovating to provide access to quicker e-payment platforms to facilitate trade,” she continued.

Total Energies, Marketing Uganda Limited, Science Technology and Innovation Secretariat, Stanbic Bank Uganda, Uganda Insurers Association, Tembo Steels Limited, and Kiboko Enterprises will generously sponsor the trade event.

While overseeing the strategic direction taken by the Government of Uganda to support and facilitate innovations from the proliferating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the nation, the Science Technology and Innovation Secretariat (STI) also committed equivalent support to be regarded as one of the platinum sponsors at the vibrant event.

Tembo Steels Limited, Stanbic Bank Uganda (sh50m), Uganda Insurers Association (UIA), and KBS Tv in Kampala served as the event’s bronze sponsors.