Airtel Uganda Starts Deploying 5G Spectrum Across Kampala



Airtel Uganda announced that they had obtained the necessary 5G spectrum and would start deploying in Kampala the following week. At a press conference held at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel on 27th July 2023 in Kampala, the managing director, Mr. Manoj Murali, disclosed this information.

The Managing Director Mr. manoj murali while addressing the press at Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

The telecom giant declared that all of its 100% 4G network was 5G ready in February 2023 and had applied for the necessary frequencies to begin deploying this ground-breaking technology. At that time, they said tests had been successful at 11 Kampala locations.

The fifth-generation mobile network, or 5G, provides a new type of network that is intended to connect practically everyone and everything together at very fast speeds, including machines, objects, and gadgets. It offers more customers a more consistent user experience, huge network capacity, better multi-Gbps peak data rates, and greater stability.

Compared to 4G, which can only handle up to 100,000 connected devices in a comparable area, 5G can support up to 1 million connected devices per square kilometer. This makes 5G the ideal network for distant teams to work together on projects like surgery, online classes, live video farming techniques offered by farmers, engineering tasks over video, and streaming games and other entertainment activities.

Customers can now use 5G on devices that are 5G compatible. The deployment of the remaining 2500 Airtel sites will take place site by site. The Airtel website and social media channels will be used to communicate a schedule for roll out.

“I am honored to announce that the wait for 5G is over,” Mr. Murali remarked. We have the necessary spectrum, and deployment will start the following week. With the help of 4G, we were able to completely change how communities, businesses, and individuals communicate and conduct business, and we are appreciative to our partners for their assistance along the road.

Due to its lightning-fast internet, 5G will revolutionize how people, businesses, and industry connect and increase productivity. We feel incredibly honored to be bringing another Airtel first to you.

For their assistance along this trip, Murali expressed his gratitude to the media, the regulator, UCC, partners like Huawei, and ATC.

The enormous uses of 5G in home broadband activities like gaming, virtual reality, and other forms of entertainment are well known. 5G is helpful for condition monitoring and other industrial applications in manufacturing, commercial agriculture, smart grids, and other industries.

5G is crucial for the delivery of quick High-Definition videos for services like telemedicine and intelligent e-learning in the fields of health and education.