Nakaseke District Leaders Inspect The Lugogo Swamp Bridge



On Tuesday, July 7, 2023, representatives of the Nakaseke district, joined by UNRA Executive Director Allen Kagina and UNRA engineers, did an examination of the district’s road network.

There were several district leaders there, including Byabasaija Rosemary RDC for Nakaseke District, Hon. Sarah Najjuma, the Woman Member of Parliament for Nakaseke District, Hon. Nyongore Enock, Member of Parliament for Nakaseke North Constituency, and others.

The 29.72-kilometer-long Luwero—Butalangu road, which is now being upgraded from gravel to bituminous level, was the first area of the examination. By creating a direct connection between the districts of Luwero and Nakaseke, this route will significantly contribute to enhancing the economic prosperity of Central Uganda once it is finished.

The project’s contractor, DOTT Services, has already started mobilizing equipment and erecting their construction camp. Additionally, they are making sure that the current road is adequately maintained so that it may continue to be used by vehicles.

Hon. Najjuma Sarah emphasized the significance of providing local youngsters with jobs during such projects. She pleaded with the contractors to make sure that the project offers local children who are out of work employment possibilities.

The Hon. Najjuma remarked, “Let this project change the lives of the youth in this area.”

Allen Kagina, the executive director of UNRA, urged DOTT Services to work closely with local authorities to ensure the project’s successful execution.

Allen Kagina the UNRA Executive Director with Nakaseke District Leaders

The 54-kilometer Butalangu-Ngoma and 31-kilometer Ngoma-Bulyamusenyu roads, which are currently being maintained by UNRA and are in good shape for travel, were also inspected by the crew.

The events came to an end with a tour of the 91% complete and under construction Lugogo Swamp Crossing on the Kyamukonda-Kasozi-Ngoma Road, which connects the Nakasongola and Nakaseke regions.

The only mode of transit between the districts at the moment is the risky canoe. The Lugogo swamp crossing project, which is scheduled to be finished next month, would improve communication between the two districts by creating a swift and dependable alternative to the considerably longer motorable Luwero-Kiwoko-Ngoma route, which is 155 kilometers long. It will be an important addition to the nation’s road system and have a significant positive impact on the economic development of Nakasongola, Nakaseke, and the surrounding areas.

The lawmaker for Nakaseke North Constituency, Hon. Nyongore Enock, thanked UNRA for quickly building the bridge and adding more paved roads to the area.

Hon. Najjuma applauded the Ugandan government’s and UNRA’s efforts to upgrade and maintain the area’s roadways. She thanked the government for funding the Luwero to Butalangu road project and asked them to provide funding for tarmacking the Butalangu to Bulyamusenyu section.

The Nakaseke District leadership promised to work with locals to secure their support for road maintenance and the efficient execution of upcoming projects.