CNOOC Uganda Sparks an Oil Revolution With Outstanding Results

CNOOC Uganda announced with pride the start of drilling operations on well pad 3, a poignant symbol of advancement in its unwavering quest to unleash Uganda's enormous oil potential.


On well pad 2, CNOOC Uganda Limited has completed three enormous wells, marking a historic milestone.

This incredible accomplishment, which started on January 24th, is a clear example of the unshakable dedication and unrelenting pursuit of excellence that characterize CNOOC Uganda.

In a tense and exciting atmosphere, CNOOC Uganda announced with pride the start of drilling operations on well pad 3, a poignant symbol of advancement in its unwavering quest to unleash Uganda’s enormous oil potential.

Speaking to a group of media professionals and business leaders at a private dinner in the center of Kampala on March 15, Andrew Mbigiti, the vibrant Media and Publicity Supervisor of CNOOC Uganda, radiated unbridled joy as he considered the path ahead.

“We stand on the brink of a new era in Uganda’s oil narrative with the successful completion of three wells on well pad 2 and the commencement of drilling activities on well pad 3,” Mbigiti declared, his voice resonating with assurance and conviction.

“We now have a clear vision for the future, one in which vital infrastructure like the refinery and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline beckon, signaling the impending arrival of full-scale oil production in our dear country.”

That being said, CNOOC Uganda’s goals go far beyond drilling and exploration. With predictions predicting a spike from 2,370 to 2,427 people in the following months, the company disclosed ambitious intentions to grow its staff, in a daring and innovative move symbolic of its unwavering commitment to local empowerment and capacity building.

With 40 positions reserved for candidates without prior experience, the company’s recent job advertisement, which was filled with promises of growth and opportunity, drew in ambitious talent from all walks of life. This is a heartfelt demonstration of the company’s unwavering commitment to providing skill development and employment opportunities for Ugandans.

However, CNOOC Uganda’s efforts have a significant impact that goes beyond simple economic success and is ingrained in Ugandan society.

Fundamental to it is an unwavering dedication to social responsibility, which is demonstrated by a plethora of programs including community development, healthcare, education, and environmental preservation.

CNOOC Uganda illuminates the way toward a better, more inclusive future for all Ugandans by offering free medical camps, funding international scholarships, youth vocational training programs, and implementing environmentally friendly practices. It is a beacon of hope and progress.

The company’s goal is still firmly based on sustainability, inclusivity, and community involvement even as it takes a risky path toward large-scale oil extraction.

A number of initiatives have already been put in place to support enterprise health, safety, and environment (HSE) standards. These include intensive ISO Certification training, skill-building programs for local artisans, and rigorous training programs in heavy goods vehicle operation and safety procedures.

As excitement builds for Uganda’s first oil, the stage is set for a journey of transformation characterized by opportunity, prosperity, and advancement.

Uganda is prepared to usher in a new age marked by unmatched progress, development, and prosperity for all, thanks to the massive East African Crude Oil Pipeline and a state-of-the-art refinery that have the potential to completely transform the country’s economic landscape.

CNOOC Uganda, a pillar of Uganda’s expanding oil industry and the impetus behind the game-changing Kingfisher oil field in the Albertine Graben, is leading this historic transition.