President Museveni Praises Huawei for Assisting Uganda in Technological Growth.

"Supporting growth is our goal. Huawei has been offering high-quality ICT infrastructure to enable growth since 2001 because of this. Additionally, up to 70% of Huawei Technologies personnel in this country come from Uganda, according to Xuecheng.


President Museveni has praised Huawei Technologies for assisting Uganda in its technological development over the years.

Museveni added, “Digital innovation is speeding up processes and enabling traceability, which is why I embrace the idea of digitizing government processes.

The president said that inviting Huawei to begin operations in Uganda in the early 2000s had paid off.

“I committed to come and complete the digital backbone with Huawei in China.

The president made the comments on Tuesday as he presided over the opening ceremony of the second annual ICT Job Fair, which Huawei, the Ministry of ICT, and National Guidance jointly organized.

The National ICT Job Fair seeks to address the issue of youth unemployment in Uganda through the ICT sector by giving young people the necessary platform to interact directly with employers and learn about job opportunities, internships, apprenticeships, and training programs in the dynamic ICT sector, as reflected in the two-day event theme, “Navigating the Digital Horizon.”

Fan Xuecheng, the People’s Republic of China’s charge d’affaires par intérim in Uganda, praised Huawei Technologies’ contributions to the expansion of the economy.

“Supporting growth is our goal. Huawei has been offering high-quality ICT infrastructure to enable growth since 2001 because of this. Additionally, up to 70% of Huawei Technologies personnel in this country come from Uganda, according to Xuecheng.

Additionally, through Buy Uganda and Build Uganda, we will continue to encourage Huawei and other Chinese businesses in their active participation in Uganda’s national development strategy. I have no doubt that Huawei Uganda will keep pushing for the long-term growth of Uganda’s ICT workforce. The success of Huawei in Uganda is a symbol of the entire cooperative collaboration between China and Uganda. Huawei is a proud leader in the creation, research, and construction of ICT infrastructure.

Sunrise, the managing director of Huawei Uganda, stated: “Huawei offered 15 internship roles, with everyone of them currently working full-time at Huawei. We will still provide 15 internship positions this year. For people who register with us at this job fair before tomorrow, we’ll also give away 500 free slots for advanced ICT training.

“I firmly believe that ICTs will significantly advance both the economic progress and general well-being of Ugandans. Let’s work together to create a smarter Uganda.

ICT for the workplace

Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, acknowledged Huawei Technologies’ contribution to addressing the unemployment issue, which he called “a big challenge,” and noted that ICT may be a significant factor in addressing the young unemployment issue.

“As the guardians of our country’s advancement, it is our duty to give our children chances that will both empower them and advance the development of our nation. The ICT industry is crucial to this project. ICT infrastructure investments will advance this industry, according to Dr. Baryomunsi.

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Huawei Technologies, and the Minister of State for ICT, Joyce Ssebugwawo, collaborated on the event, which reflects the nation’s commitment to addressing youth unemployment in Uganda, particularly in the rapidly developing field of information and communication technology.

“It’s critical to stress how essential this work is. Uganda has a young, energetic population. The National ICT Job Fair acts as a conduit between our gifted kids and the numerous opportunities this industry provides, according to Minister Joyce.

Dr. Aminah Zawedde, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, said in her remarks that the partnership with Huawei Technologies for the second time in as many years is deserving and that the company has thus far demonstrated unwavering determination and commitment.

“Together, we can position Uganda as a preferred BPO destination, leveraging ICTs for the benefit of our youth, our economy, and our country as a whole.”

Uganda has the youngest population, according to Minister of Gender, Labor, and Social Development Betty Amongi, but the main problem is finding workers with the right digital skills.

“A project like this will help a lot in educating the 40% of the population. The unemployment figures demand intentional intervention. Any initiative like this supported by our government helps to close the job gap, the minister stated.