Ugandan Cabinet Orders That All Official Travel Be Made On Uganda Airlines

It is mandatory that you fly Uganda Airlines if you are a civil servant, public official, minister, permanent secretary, commissioner, or any other government official whose travel is supported or facilitated by government and where the route you are taking has Uganda Airline flying there,” Baryomunsi noted.

Uganda Airlines Brings Back Hijja Pilgrims

200 passengers, all pilgrims, and 12 members of the cockpit and cabin crew boarded Uganda Airlines’ Airbus 5X-NIL, registered as UR 4419, and aircraft landed at Entebbe International Airport on July 8 at 6:00am

Uganda Airlines Flies Muslim Pilgrims to Mecca

As the first Ugandan airline to carry out this sacred operation in more than 40 years, the operation of the pilgrimage flight represents a milestone for the national carrier, according to Airline Executive Director Jennifer Bamuturaki.