TECNO Mobile and Airtel Uganda will Collaborate to Increase Smartphone Access Throughout the Nation

In partnership with TECNO Mobile Uganda, an innovative technology company, and StarTimes, Airtel Uganda, the first 5G network, unveiled the thrilling SPARK 20 Pro+, a new addition to its well-liked SPARK 20 Series.


In partnership with TECNO Mobile Uganda, an innovative technology company, and StarTimes, Airtel Uganda, the first 5G network, unveiled the thrilling SPARK 20 Pro+, a new addition to its well-liked SPARK 20 Series. This occurred during a launch hosted by the Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, Minister of ICT and National Guidance, at the Next Media Park.

Through this collaboration, the digital divide will be reduced and Ugandans will have access to more reasonably priced smartphones. Owning a smartphone is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a necessity. The innovative smartphone series is the newest of the constantly developing brands in the market, designed to meet high customer demands.

Honored guest Hon. Chris Baryomunsi underlined the government’s initiatives to guarantee that every Ugandan is connected and stressed the value of owning a smartphone in this digital age.

Airtel Uganda on X: “Joweria Nabakka Head of data and devices at Airtel

“As government and as a Ministry, we do support all the efforts that you, the technology companies, are doing,” he declared. The government has purposefully pushed the concept of legalizing communications and airwaves, and we foster innovation in these areas. In Uganda, we have so far shifted away from conventional communication methods and made room for new ideas and technological advancements, enabling us to keep up with the global shift toward digitalization. We are prepared to adopt all of these cutting-edge technologies, including these gadgets, so long as innovations and technologies are continued to be made.

The flagship-level features of the gadget include a potent 108MP+32MP camera system, a double-curved design, an amazing display, and more. The MediaTek SPARK 20 Pro+, with its Helio G99 Ultimate processor, delivers a high-end experience that surpasses expectations considering its pricing point.

The head of Sales and Distribution Director of Airtel Uganda, Ali Balunywa, stated: “The SPARK 20 Pro+ is about how technology connects people, not just about exceptional technology.” Additionally, we at Airtel Uganda are committed to fulfilling our connection promise, which is why we’re giving out 3GB of free Airtel data per month for three months with every purchase. Through this program, users may take full advantage of the state-of-the-art SPARK 20 Pro+ technology on Airtel’s fastest and most dependable 5G internet network in Uganda.

Affordability is one of the issues raised by having a smartphone. Since then, smartphone manufacturers have developed creative ways to make smart devices accessible to all people, regardless of their financial situation.

Airtel Uganda, in keeping with their dedication to accessibility and customer convenience, has partnered with EASYBUY to provide a unique instalment purchasing option for the recently introduced SPARK 20 Pro+. Customers can now purchase the SPARK 20 Pro+ and other models in the series at any Airtel store in Uganda with simple and flexible payment options thanks to this partnership.

Our partnership with EasyBuy is a prime example of Airtel Uganda’s commitment to democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies. In addition to giving our consumers an inexpensive option to buy a premium gadget, we also make sure they get the most out of Airtel’s network services by offering the newest TECNO smartphones on installment plans. stated Balunywa.

TECNO also revealed an intriguing consumer promotion along with their sponsorship of the 2023 African Cup of Nations (AFCON 2023). Customers who buy the SPARK 20 Pro+ will receive weekly prizes including Ushs. 100,000 cashback or Ushs. 100,000 reduction on Take Now or Easy Buy installments, in addition to the possibility to win a fully paid trip to watch the AFCON 2024 final. Customers must purchase any gadget from the Spark 20 series and guess the results of the chosen weekly games in order to be eligible to play.

“The SPARK 20 Pro+ reflects our commitment to bringing flagship-level camera technology and stylish design to a wider audience,” stated Timmy Shen, Brand Manager of TECNO Mobile Uganda. This new gadget, a major improvement over the SPARK 20 Series, leads the low-cost smartphone market and provides our trend-setting Gen Z customers with unmatched value.

EasyBuy and Take Now both offer installment plans for the SPARK 20 Series. The SPARK 20 Pro+ and SPARK 20 are offered in all TECNO stores as well as a few Airtel service centers in Uganda.