The Digital Divide Can Be Closed by Girls Using ICT

Speaking On Thursday at Kololo Secondary School in Kampala During the Celebration of International Girls in ICT Day Was the Ministry Of ICT.


According to Dr. Aminah Zawedde, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of ICT, females’ involvement in the ICT industry will contribute to closing the digital gap.

Since technology is enabling the world where we are going, girls will always feel insecure and believe they are incapable of doing tech-savvy tasks. You must employ technology if you wish to transact using mobile money, according to Dr. Zawede.

On Thursday, Dr. Aminah Zawedde addresses the pupils at Kololo SSS.

You’ll see that the majority of people working in markets, education, and practically every other economic sector are women. As a result, we have to motivate them to work in the ICT industry because it powers everything.

Speaking on Thursday at Kololo Secondary School in Kampala during the celebration of International Girls in ICT Day was the Ministry of ICT.

According to Dr. Zawedde, empowering women and girls to use ICT will have a cascading impact by aiding in the closing of the digital gap.

She praised female pupils at Kololo Secondary School for their mastery of robotics and coding, which she said was made possible by the Uganda Communications Commission. She said that this was one approach to encourage girls to work in the ICT industry.

“I’ve come as the Ministry of ICT’s female Permanent Secretary to demonstrate to students that we set an example and that they, too, can achieve greatness in ICT and become Permanent Secretaries. Everyone may succeed if they work hard, believe in themselves, and take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves, according to Dr. Zawedde.

She emphasized that everyone in the nation is included in the ICT agenda.

The headmaster of Kololo Secondary School, Edward Kanoonya, stated that the school’s observance of the day will significantly increase the necessity of encouraging girls to pursue jobs in technology.

“We’re accustomed to hearing that educating girls educates the country. The country has embraced ICT when girls do. As a result, Kanoonya stated, “empowering girls in ICT is crucial for ensuring equal opportunities for all and bridging the digital gender gap.”