Airtel Uganda Offers Public Wifi, 5G, and Fiber Internet

High-precision innovations include the next 5G network, public wifi, and fiber optic internet.


Airtel Business is working closely with Simplifi Networks and other partners, like ISBAT University, to fully operationalize cutting-edge high-speed internet offerings.

These high-precision innovations include the next 5G network, public wifi, and fiber optic internet.

This admission is a sign of their renewed commitment to enhancing efficiency and dependability in everyday digital transactions for citizens as a way to give back to the neighborhood.

The news was announced on July 5, 2023, by Mr. Allan Ssemakula, the Director of Airtel Business, during the third Simplifi Tech Talks event, which was held at ISBAT University and had as its theme “How Does the Internet Work? “

This edition of Tech Talks, which was held in the university’s main auditorium, attracted Ugandans from a variety of backgrounds, including students, ICT enthusiasts, out-of-school youngsters, and community members, whose participation was essential to the discussion of the topics at hand.

On the margins of the event, Mr. Ssemakula argued that internet lectures are vitally essential to help dispel important terminologies people do not understand, explain how various creative items work, and dispel myths and preconceptions about these top-notch inventions among people.

In the end, this increases the adaptability of ICT solutions in daily life and in business, a viewpoint shared by Mr. Ken Stober, CEO and group managing director of Simplifi Networks.

So, as Allan mentioned, I have a watch that can tell me how many hours I sleep. So, my aim with Tech Talks is to train us, you know, educate us about the technology that’s in our market makes our lives better, and make sure we learn, said Mr. Stober.

The purpose of the third edition of the Tech Talks is to familiarize and engage the general public and average technology users with the main aspects of the internet, including connectivity, band width, accessibility with the use of fiber, and use of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like 3G, 45, and 5G.

The presentations offer the chance to gain fresh perspectives and ideas from a variety of engaging learning opportunities with top industry experts in order to raise knowledge of the newest, most popular technology on the market and win favor.

Mr. Ssemakula and Mr. Stober were in charge of the discussions, which were heavily focused on the operation of the Internet.

It was a non-linear method of interaction in which the audience participated heavily and answered questions to fully comprehend the development and operation of the internet.

In response to a question regarding the development of plans to introduce free wifi in public spaces to enable enhanced digital experiences for citizens given by Dudresh Vaidya, a year one Higher Education Certificate (HEC) student at ISBAT University, Mr. Ssemakula said the scheme is in the works.

“We decided to start with Entebbe airport. If you go there today, go to Entebbe International Airport; we’ve covered the entire place with Wi-Fi, right from the parking area until the boarding gates. So it is the first step we’ve done, you know, as, you know, trying out all the different use cases and determining the kind of equipment we need to use, right. Additionally, we’ve offered support in situations where there must be no Wi-Fi available, such as during large events, seminars, and the like. Right?” Ssemakula stated.

“Ken and I did it for ICT for the conference a few years ago, correct? Where Simplifi and Airtel once more collaborated to offer free public Wi-Fi at that specific place. So, these are a few of the things we’re doing, correct? We are also helping SMEs, am I correct? Some SMEs, particularly in the hospitality sector,” he continued.

It should be emphasized that towards the end of the event, the attendees had voiced their greatest appreciation and satisfaction for how Mr. Ssemakula and Mr. Stober had simplified the most difficult concepts and procedures in terms of using the internet.

“I’ve always been interested in how technology functions, particularly the internet. The talk deconstructed the intricate framework of data transmission between sender and recipient around the globe. My curiosity in how ICT functions is continuing to expand as a result, said Mr. Jacob Emmy Oweta, an attendee and student at ISBAT University.

To raise public understanding of cutting-edge technology, the partners agreed to hosting consistent and ongoing Tech Talks addressing various topics.

L-R: Airtel Uganda, Managing Director, Manoj Murali, and Rajesh Agrawal, the Network Director at Airtel Uganda

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