The New Solar Era

Huawei Digital Power hosted a FusionSolar Partner Summit in Kampala, Uganda. With the theme "Lighting Up a Greener Africa," the event's goal was to bring together channel partners to introduce the company's most recent sustainable energy solutions to the Ugandan market.


For the first time, Huawei Digital Power hosted a FusionSolar Partner Summit in Kampala, Uganda. With the theme “Lighting Up a Greener Africa,” the event’s goal was to bring together channel partners to introduce the company’s most recent sustainable energy solutions to the Ugandan market.

During the summit, Mr. Sunrise Xie, MD of Huawei Uganda office, stated that Huawei is the top industry supplier capable of offering full-scenario solar solutions. Huawei’s Digital Power, a top ICT vendor, significantly contributes to the development of the energy sector.

The CEO of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region, Olivier, discussed how intelligence and carbon neutrality will usher in a new era of ecological civilization for humanity. “Photovoltaic (PV) + energy storage solutions (ESS) will become the most cost-effective and widely used form of power as the efficiency of PV generation continues to rise and costs decline,” he stated.

“Huawei Digital Power will continue to deepen its ecological strategy, adhering to the principles of “shared benefits as the bridge, integrity as the basis, and rules as the guarantee,”” said Olivier, “facing the booming market prospects of the PV industry.” In order to succeed in the new era of digital power, Huawei will set up a partnership structure built on “trust, profit, simplicity, and growth.” The company will expand with its partners in this way.

In keeping with its pledge to work with local partners to achieve win-win outcomes in an integrated ecosystem, Huawei Digital Power also unveiled its channel partner policy during the event. The four “PSEE” metrics serve as the foundation for the capability-driven ecosystem partner policies.

profitability: to ensure partners’ profitability;

Simplicity: to make procedures and policies simpler to facilitate collaboration;

Enablement: the ongoing enhancement of partner capabilities;

& Ecosystem: contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.

According to Olivier, Huawei has developed information connectivity services and laid a strong foundation throughout Africa over the previous 20 years. Huawei plans to collaborate with regional partners to offer ubiquitous energy services throughout Africa over the next twenty years.

Furthermore, the expansion of smart string inverters—of which Huawei is the primary global promoter—was one of the trends in the global smart photovoltaic industry that was highlighted by Nick Lusson, Vice President of Huawei Digital Power Eastern Africa Region. In keeping with our mission to provide clean energy to every person, household, and organization, Nick discussed Huawei’s plans to boost research and development (R&D) spending in smart PV in order to reach more people, families, and organizations with low-carbon and cleaner green energy.

During the event, All-Scenario Smart PV+ESS Solutions were presented.

A House That Always Shines with a Residential Smart PV Solution

To achieve electricity self-sufficiency, Huawei Residential Smart PV Solution optimizes energy yield, storage, consumption, and safety.
Power-M and Residential Smart PV Battery are examples of ESS and Residential Smart PV solutions. For homes, offices, and apartments, the Residential Smart PV Battery is a one-stop shop that provides dependable and steady electricity. Power-M is a modular Smart String Energy Storage system that combines grid, solar, diesel generator (DG), and battery technology to provide a hybrid power solution suitable for a variety of settings, including homes, offices, apartments, and villas.

Smart PV Solution for Commercial and Industrial Use: A One-Stop Shop for Sustainable Enterprise

Energy storage solutions with qualities like security and efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, and increased power revenue, such the LUNA2000-200KWH, have been emphasized for commercial and industrial (C&I) users.
Solutions from Huawei Smart String ESS, such as Power-S, LUNA 200kWh, LUNA 1MWh, and LUNA 2MWh. In comparison to Central ESS solutions, these Huawei Smart String ESS solutions offer greater safety, a longer product life, more useable energy, streamlined O&M, and independent control over battery racks and packs.

PV Electricity as a Primary Energy Source: Achieving Utility Smart PV&ESS Solution

Using three main stability reconstruction technologies—voltage stability reconstruction, frequency stability reconstruction, and power angle stability reconstruction—Huawei Digital Power uses “Artifical intelligence (AI) + grid forming technology” to create intelligent PV + ESS generator. It is the best option for large-scale bases and acts as a vital core solution for addressing Africa’s fragile power grids.

A number of partners discussed their energy experiences at the summit, drawing on their collaboration and partnership with Huawei’s premium product solutions, wide channel policies, and important projects completed since that collaboration began.

In the new solar era, collaboration is essential. As part of its commitment to building a low-carbon society, Huawei promised to work with its partners to light up a greener Africa and build a better, more sustainable future.